ROARIN' Twenties

The time to mold your future is now!

People seem to think that their lives begin when they are 30+ with a family and a stable job. However, what they fail to realize is that it takes your “Twenties” to get to where you want/need to be! Everyone needs to know that your “Twenties” are important and it is the time for everyone to start molding their future!  I will use my blog mainly to market young adults who are in their “Twenties” and help them promote their business, organization, idea or celebrate their success!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU ROAR!!  I will post a profile every two week about someone in their “Twenties” to help them gain more visibility and give them the recognition they deserve. I will be there to make announcements based upon their work and to attend any event they may be affiliated with. I will basically shadow them along the way as they work to better their future! Not only will I market/ talk about others and their success, but I will also post about myself and talk about life lessons I have learned, as I age through my "Twenties"!



Let me just start off and say, DON'T WAIT FOR OPPORTUNITY TO COME TO YOU, GO TAKE YOUR CHANCES!!!! So I am a business major and the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business are always holding events. All types of companies come to our school just to look for new hires! So last week was Career Expo time, and because of this the college opened up for a mini expo for business students! Not gonna say which companies I talked to, but I have 2 interviews coming up!! Not only that, I got to sit in on a questionnaire/ meet and greet with the CEO of Deloitte ( tax company)! It was cool hearing his story and how he became CEO, because people don't realize that your life is in your hands!

You are the one that controls your future, nobody else! Some people get lucky when it comes to jobs/internships falling into place. However, we aren't all lucky, so go out there and get what YOU want!! First off, Networking is key! "MAJOR KEY!!" I strongly advise all college students to join clubs/ organizations. It's the easiest way to meet new people. I definitely feel like if I was not apart of Delta Sigma Pi (business frat), I probably wouldn't have made it to the expo. Just hearing them discuss about the upcoming events and seeing how well they are doing with their job search motivates me!

However, networking doesn't stop there!! START TALKING TO EVERYONE! Your hairdresser, your bus driver, your mail man, old bosses, etc. Literally EVERYONE! Make conversation and tell them your future plans, because they are actually listening!! Believe it or not, they are listening more then than your normal "supporters". That one conversation can lead you to a opportunity that you have probably been looking for your whole life!!