ROARIN' Twenties

The time to mold your future is now!

People seem to think that their lives begin when they are 30+ with a family and a stable job. However, what they fail to realize is that it takes your “Twenties” to get to where you want/need to be! Everyone needs to know that your “Twenties” are important and it is the time for everyone to start molding their future!  I will use my blog mainly to market young adults who are in their “Twenties” and help them promote their business, organization, idea or celebrate their success!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU ROAR!!  I will post a profile every two week about someone in their “Twenties” to help them gain more visibility and give them the recognition they deserve. I will be there to make announcements based upon their work and to attend any event they may be affiliated with. I will basically shadow them along the way as they work to better their future! Not only will I market/ talk about others and their success, but I will also post about myself and talk about life lessons I have learned, as I age through my "Twenties"!



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These two young voices from New Orleans have just celebrated a year for their podcast!Petty Mayonnaise, 24 went to University of New Orleans. He always wanted to have a reality show because he loves to make people laugh His friend owned a radio show at Loyola University and he found an option to apply to do his own show. Plus it was FREE!!. There was a time slot for Friday 10AM-12PM. However, he didn’t want to do this by himself.

Then came along Sunny D, 26! Also born and raised in New Orleans, her goal was to be the next Ryan Seacrest! Both Petty and Sunny went to UNO and they met through a mutual friend and have been inseparable ever since! Now that she has graduated the goal is to work in radio!! to work in radio! Soon she plans on moving to Los Angeles, CA. The name, "Trilliterate", was inspired from her line sister (Delta Sigma Theta) and they already planned to have a blog/ website, but she ended up moving before they had a chance. Luckily, Petty came with this great idea!

This bring us to Trilliterate! “Your weekly roundup of pop culture, current event issues, some music, and topics concerning the black community. All wrapped up in Shenanigans and SEALED in Shea Butter.” Petty Mayonnaise and Sunny D cover a wide range of of topics, but mainly concerning black people and black culture. Along with their speaking topics they play a song here and here and they also bring guest to their show. They love having people on the show that are very opinionated and actually have something to say!

These guys are still rising stars, but they have gotten alot of traffic thanks to Evelyn From The Internets. Also they sometimes help DJ Rockaway, a local from New Orleans. He throws alot of event for the community that involve being social and networking. So once they helped host "The People of Color Happy Hour" where they was able to network and spread the word about "Trilliterate". 

Overall, the two want to do better job at marketing themselves. One of their mantras is"The world is not going to crumble" and they thrive on learning how tobe successful.For Sunny D, she has learned over the years to support herself more and to not overload herself! Also to not put some much pressure! Petty Mayonnaise has learn that he needs to mind his own business more. Also, to stop listening to others who he doesn't see trading places with. They both agreed reflecting back on the past couple years, they definitely wish they should have slowed down!! These two keep focus on whats important in life now that they have matured! No telling what they come up with, together they can achieve more!