ROARIN' Twenties

The time to mold your future is now!

People seem to think that their lives begin when they are 30+ with a family and a stable job. However, what they fail to realize is that it takes your “Twenties” to get to where you want/need to be! Everyone needs to know that your “Twenties” are important and it is the time for everyone to start molding their future!  I will use my blog mainly to market young adults who are in their “Twenties” and help them promote their business, organization, idea or celebrate their success!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU ROAR!!  I will post a profile every two week about someone in their “Twenties” to help them gain more visibility and give them the recognition they deserve. I will be there to make announcements based upon their work and to attend any event they may be affiliated with. I will basically shadow them along the way as they work to better their future! Not only will I market/ talk about others and their success, but I will also post about myself and talk about life lessons I have learned, as I age through my "Twenties"!




"You are now listening to DJ C-Mix", also known as Charles Eugene, spinning on the 1s and 2s!This well known DJ is roaring all over Baton Rouge and there are no signs of him slowing down. He has been DJ-ing since he left high school, which started out as a hobby and now rising towards a major business. Charles has always had a love for music, but, he never knew how to pursue his hobby as a future career path. Originally, Charles attended Grambling State University as a Kinesiology major. There, he was more into playing football than actually being a DJ. However, this is where he stumbled upon his first set of turn tables. You can say that this was a sign of God because he found them in a abandoned house, which was unfortunately knocked down the next day with no record. Luckily, Charles had a friend, who was able to fix the equipment. The moment he found the turn tables, Charles decided to be more dedicated on being a DJ. He started to invest more time and money into his art. This led to what he would call "The greatest party at Grambling". He felt that he left his trademark where students will always remember.

Now, he is a student at Louisiana State University where he is a General Business Major on the road to graduate school. He decided to change is major so he could be more educated for his business. In Baton Rouge, Charles's success has taken off tremendously! He started out as a DJ at Mikes, a bar in LSU's very own Tigerland. Word got around about his set and started Dj-ing all over Tigerland and soon started doing sets for LSU events. Eventually, Charles started his company in 2012, C-Mix Productions. Charles's company hosts all types of events. He has done a lot of parties, corporate events, award shows, even festivals (Trapfoozed Day, Independence Fest). Charles has even created cheerleading mixes for competitions and performances. He has received so much recognition around Baton Rouge. Throughout the past couple of years Charles has done sets for many artists such as Wale, Migos, and Somo. He also did 2 shows for Kevin Gates' tour.

Charles really wants to make a name for himself. As of now, he is working on making his company the "#1 " production company in Louisiana. He wants his company to be a place where the musicians he signs and producers and he hires can work together to create and produce the perfect track for the world to hear and use. Charles also holds private DJ lessons. He soon wants to invest in a side company that will be called "C-Mix Academy" that way he can be able to teach more people what he knows about DJ-ingand promote his business.

Charles still DJ's for all types of events and parties. Even though he reigns as the #1 DJ in Baton Rouge, thanks to ReverbNation, he also does sets across the US. Charles has learned in his "Twenties" that it takes sacrifice and self control to fully get where you want to be in life. He is fully dedicated to making his dream come true no matter what. His sights are set high at remaining #1 in everything he does.