ROARIN' Twenties

The time to mold your future is now!

People seem to think that their lives begin when they are 30+ with a family and a stable job. However, what they fail to realize is that it takes your “Twenties” to get to where you want/need to be! Everyone needs to know that your “Twenties” are important and it is the time for everyone to start molding their future!  I will use my blog mainly to market young adults who are in their “Twenties” and help them promote their business, organization, idea or celebrate their success!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU ROAR!!  I will post a profile every two week about someone in their “Twenties” to help them gain more visibility and give them the recognition they deserve. I will be there to make announcements based upon their work and to attend any event they may be affiliated with. I will basically shadow them along the way as they work to better their future! Not only will I market/ talk about others and their success, but I will also post about myself and talk about life lessons I have learned, as I age through my "Twenties"!




Let me introduce you to Alex J. Taylor. He is originally from Miami, Fl and later moved to New Orleans at the age of 12. In 2013, he decided to attend Xavier University for the fall semester to major in Visual Arts. Most of Alex's Fine Art training came from his Freshmen Year at Xavier University. He took some time off this semester to find himself as an artist, but also as an individual. His mentor taught him there was so much more to learning than just college.

Throughout, his childhood he tried to keep his passion for art hidden. Alex felt no one could truly understand the things he could see. It wasn’t until four years ago, his senior year of high school where he started seriously thinking about pursing art as a career. In high school, he was apart of the gifted fine arts program. Alex learned some of the basics from his instructor Mrs. Villavasso at McDonough #35 Senior High School. It wasn’t until one day, she gave the class a mono-chromatic self-portrait assignment. This specific assignment open his eyes to opportunity. "This significant moment is what made me the artist I am today and will forever be." The more he worked on it, the more natural it felt to him.

Alex's work is recognized mostly for its spontaneous and expressive elements. When he first began painting, he was dedicated to finding his style with the use of various subject matter. Since then, his work has evolved through his personal experience. He feels he is able to visually display an introspective reality on how he perceive the world. The objective of his work is to speak to the viewer on a spiritual level, while also creating a new way to see the world and the essence of it all. "The things thats seen or unseen are more real than the reality makes it." Alex actually has two paintings called “Sol “and “Peach Fuzz” that have a lot of significance when he first started out as an artist. This is where he started to get a feel for style, artist voice and what being an artist all is about.

Alex Taylor has participated in many local art shows and gallery exhibition since graduating from high school. Also, co–creating his own art show with a fellow artist.

Some of the events and places where his work is displayed :

  • Dillard University
  • Jazz fest
  • Xavier University
  • House of the young
  • Renaissance Bleu: Pop Up Art & Fundraising Dining Experience
  • Among the Cosmos (co-creator)
  • Axiom gallery
  • Pancake and booze
  • Frenchy’s gallery (artwork currently on display)
  • Above The Clouds (co-creator)
  • Abstract Nola

He also offers a vast array of services in Graphic design, Film/Photography , Visual Arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, murals, Commission work, and framing.Currently, his artwork Alex's art work is definitely for sale! However, he eventually would like to do custom commission work for individuals who invest an interest in his work. This would allow it to show more value in the public display.

Alex's overall goal in life is to change the world as we know it, while also maintaining a legacy of artwork for the next generation of artists to follow. He first plan is to start his very own creative agency where he takes in clients with various creative projects such as fashion, art and music etc. Making his passion a business. His vision is becoming a multi- millionaire by the age of 25. With his strong faith in God, Alex feels that anything is possible when it comes to his work!